Why Should You Get Your Car Serviced At The Dealership?

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Should you get your car serviced at the dealership, or go to an independent shop? Lots of Central Illinois drivers face this question –  the local garage might quote you a better price, but are they really reliable enough to be worth it? At our service center, you can count on the highest-quality work every single time. Here’s a few of the reasons why!

Advantages of Dealership Service
•     Ford-trained staff — Our service techs are knowledgeable about all makes and models, but we’re Ford experts. Because we’re a Ford dealership, we’re familiar with all your Ford’s little quirks, all the things that might take a more generalist mechanic some extra time to figure out. Also, we’re always training and staying up-to-date on the  latest Ford vehicles.
•     Genuine Ford parts — When we fix your car, we’ll only use genuine Ford parts that are specifically designed for your exact model. Aftermarket parts may be cheap, but they just don’t match the same kind of quality and engineering standards.

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•     Sophisticated tools – In this day and age, when every car is a computer, it’s extra-important to choose a service center with the modern technology to match. Just like our up-to-date
training, we’ll always have all the up-to-date computers and equipment we need to run diagnostics on your Ford. Independent garages can’t always afford this tech – theirs might be out of date, or they might just be guessing.
•     Maintenance plans and extended warranties — If you bought your car from us, you’ll already know about all the long-term benefits you can get when you keep coming back to us for maintenance and repairs.
•     Free popcorn – does the corner garage provide fresh popcorn while you’re waiting for your oil change? Yeah, we didn’t think they would.