Introducing the All-New 2015 ROUSH F-150

“ROUSH Performance. On and off the Road”— Jack Roush Jr.      
Introducing the All-New 2015 ROUSH F-150
Coming this fall!!


(This article courtesy of Roush Performance)

ROUSH Performance is a name synonymous with aggressive, well-built, powerful Ford vehicles. But it isn’t just ROUSH Mustangs that we create – meet the all-new 2015 ROUSH F-150. This incredible new addition to the ROUSH lineup takes Ford’s new aluminum-bodied F-150 truck, and enhances it with a host of body components, ROUSH graphics, a ROUSH Side-Exit Exhaust System, and interior components including ROUSH Molded Front and Rear Floor Liners from WeatherTech to keep your carpets clean, and a serialized ROUSH console badge to document the F-150’s ROUSH bloodlines.
Additionally, ROUSH has teamed with FOX to equip the ROUSH F-150 with a 2.0 Performance Series Suspension System featuring Coilovers and Shocks with Boots. ROUSH 20-inch Wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson® Baja ATZP3 305/55 rubber sit in all four corners, and Locking Lug Nuts with a Key Bag are included.


Anderson Ford of Clinton supports the Clinton Maroons Football Team!!!

Are you ready for some Friday night football?!?!

55da714cde810.imageClinton got a taste of success last year, all of 9 points away from a playoff berth. With a lot of players back, the Maroons feel good about their chances of going to the playoffs 11 years after they last did. Gallery at

Head on out to Clinton High School and cheer on the Clinton Maroons coming off their 67-35 win over Flanagan last week.

Make sure you stop by the Drive 4 UR School tent and sign up for the halftime “Kick it to Win” contest. The person who kicks the farthest field goal by the last home game will win a 40″ TV!!

Be sure to set your sites on the field for the halftime show! The M-Squad will be hosting the Clinton Elementary Schools 2nd-5th grade girls Cheer Clinic. These are so fun and the girls are so cute! Have a great night!



Why The 2015 Ford Mustang GT Is Impossible Not To Like

Why The 2015 Ford Mustang GT Is Impossible Not To Like



Article by:  Patrick George    All photos credit Kurt Bradley

1331936256948241224Surely you’ve done this countless times. You’ve been out driving, absent-mindedly checking out the other cars on the road, when you come across a 2015 Ford Mustang. They’re everywhere these days. And when you see one, your eyes immediately drift down to the front fender in search of the two numbers and a decimal point that make all the difference in the world: “5.0.” Five-point-oh. The thing that separates the V6 rental cars and the EcoBoost posers from the real Mustangs. That, and the GT badge on the trunk, means that Mustang has eight cylinders of American fury under the hood. That means it’s not messing around, that its driver is someone who cares about speed and not just looking good.

That’s the perception, anyway. With the smaller engines both offering at least 300 horsepower, as well as potent straight-line and backroad performance, you’re not exactly screwing yourself if you don’t go V8 with the Mustang these days. The 2.3-liter turbo four EcoBoost is faster than most V8 Mustangs have been through the years. But the GT remains the top dog of the current Mustang lineup, and that’s just how it’s going to be, no matter how much power its little brothers put out. So what’s it like to actually drive one? Does the 5.0 deserve that reputation or not?
(Full disclosure: The Ford Motor Company needed me to drive a 2015 Mustang GT so badly they dropped one off at my house with a full tank of gas for a week. I spent months asking for one because I really, really wanted to drive it.)
I have an unpopular confession to make: I am not, nor have I ever been, a Mustang Guy. Don’t get me wrong, the original is a classic that deserves every ounce of its iconic status, and the ’71-’73 Mach 1 is a car I’d rob banks to own. And then probably rob banks with.  1331936257042627912


How to Use Your Ford Vehicle’s Active Park Assist Feature

Getting a new car is always exciting, and sometimes, you fall in love with your vehicle’s special features.ACTIVEPARKASSIST-2015FOCUSR2  The Active Park Assist from Ford can help you parallel park… and get you into – and out of – a tight parallel parking spot!  In fact, thanks to available, Enhanced Active Park Assist with Side Sensing System and Distance Control, it can also let you know if there are any objects in front of, behind, or next to your vehicle.  This short video will show you how to use your Ford vehicle’s Active Park Assist feature. Ford Park Assist is currently available on these Ford Vehicles:  F150, Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Edge, Explorer and Escape.