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180 Degree Camera System on Your New Ford Vehicle

The new camera system uses 2 cameras to give you extended views of what’s around your vehicle.  There’s a camera mounted in the front grille that gives you additional assistance while you are driving forward at low speeds…There’s also a rear view camera just above the license plate that works independently from the one in the front, and shows what’s directly behind you while you are in reverse.  That can be helpful, as it gives you added visibility when you are pulling out of a driveway, street, parking spot or while maneuvering.  There is also a centerline guide for the rear camera that helps if you are trying to line your vehicle up with something like a trailer.  This feature is available on the Fiesta, Focus, C-Max, Escape, Edge, and Transit models.



How to Use Your Ford Vehicle’s Active Park Assist Feature

Getting a new car is always exciting, and sometimes, you fall in love with your vehicle’s special features.ACTIVEPARKASSIST-2015FOCUSR2  The Active Park Assist from Ford can help you parallel park… and get you into – and out of – a tight parallel parking spot!  In fact, thanks to available, Enhanced Active Park Assist with Side Sensing System and Distance Control, it can also let you know if there are any objects in front of, behind, or next to your vehicle.  This short video will show you how to use your Ford vehicle’s Active Park Assist feature. Ford Park Assist is currently available on these Ford Vehicles:  F150, Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Edge, Explorer and Escape.


History of the Ford Mustang

History of the Ford Mustang

When the Ford Mustang first appeared not even the engineers at Ford knew that it would still be an industry leader fifty years later.15MUST.GT.shot_14 Many concept cars never leave the design studio or, if they do get out, they must still get past the critics of the annual auto show circuits.  However, the Ford Mustang has proven itself repeatedly. It’s been over fifty years since the Mustang 1 debuted as a two seat, mid-engine sports car at the world’s fair in 1964 in Flushing Meadows, New York.