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All Blower Installations are not Equal.

Why Should You Choose a Company to Install Your Blower That Has a Dyno Facility In-House?

Are all dealerships equal in installing blowers?

Yes, if they don’t have a Dyno facility or certified technicians

So why would you want a dealership that has a Dyno facility?
If you are investing that much money to increase horsepower and improve performance the only true way to make sure there is an increase is to measure both before and after the installation. By doing this you know for certain the vehicle is creating the horsepower that it’s supposed to in stock form, which is crucial. Not all vehicles create the same horsepower, there are always times when something could be wrong. If it does not, that needs to be fixed first before you install a blower. After installation you need to re-dyno to confirm the horsepower increase and to assure your fuel curve and timing are correct.

Many times, we install a blower and when we put the vehicle on our dyno, we find that the software isn’t correct. We can then make corrections with the proper tune.

Without a dyno you install parts hoping that the Roush or Vortech part does the job of increasing horsepower and the only way to tell is literally by the seat of your pants and even then you have no way of knowing it’s safe or dangerous or too lean.

Bottom line, when you dyno both before and after there is no guessing.

So technically all dealerships are NOT created equal when it comes to installing blowers.

Did you know….

Did you know Anderson Ford has a 2000 HP DynoJet Dyno?

Expert Chassis Dyno Tuning Services offered at Anderson’s Chassis Dyno. The team of Build, Engine and Tuning specialists with over 30 yrs experience, available for:

  • Dyno Tuning
  • Holley Carburetor Tuning on your Hot Rod, Street or Road Racing car by Ron Anderson, NMRA World Champion & NHRA Division Champion
  • Dyno Tuning with Diablo Sport Tuning System and SCT Software
  • Baseline Pulls
  • Club Dyno Available
  • Horsepower/Torque Measurements
  • All-day Rental
  • Capable of 2,000 HP

Call Chris at 888-213-9106 for additional information

Visit our Dyno website: for pricing and more info.


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Meet John Clor -Special Guest for our 10th Annual Car Show

You’ve read his columns in Mustang magazines for years. You’ve seen him talk Mustangs on The History Channel, SpeedVision, Velocity and in various videos. You may even own his limited-edition, sold-out collectible history book, “Mustang Dynasty.” Now – you can meet him in person! Noted auto journalist and author John Clor, a former SVT PR man who today manages Enthusiast Communications for Ford Performance, will be conducting a ‘Meet & Greet” at our show.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and talk with one of Ford’s best-known Mustang spokesmen during our show!

Meet Von HotRod, World Renowned California Pinstriper


We are so excited to have Von Hot Rod joining us again, pin-striping at our Car Show. Von Hot Rod is Hot Rodding’s pre-emminant pinstriper
and Personality.

(Bio courtesy of For the last 19 years Von Hot Rod has put on many Hotrod and Kustom shows. One in particular is the “Von Hot Rod’s Pinstriper Reunion”.  Held in Pomona, Calif. The Stater Bro. Route 66 , Von puts on “Von Hot Rod’s Shindig” a 50’s style Hotrod & Kustom Rock-a-Billy show. On ESPN-2, Hot Rod TV airs His Pinstriping show. He has been feathered in numerous magazines, As well as books. At the Annual Stater Bros.  Route 66 Rendezvous Von was the Honored guess, He was the inductee for the 2007 Cruisin’ Hall of Fame representing Pinstriping. In 2008 Von organized the Silent auction for SEMA, In Las Vegas, Von Has now started “Von Hot Rod’s Pinstriping Circus”. A traveling Pinstriping show that attends Hotrod and bike shows around the country and helps raise money for charities. The TV show “Car Warriors” on SPEED used his Pinstriped shift knob, 6 of the winning cars have all had his shift knob. And what is the latest out of Von. at SEMA this year,

Von has a new line of goodies making a appearance in the new product section. Stamped Steel small block Chevy Pinstriped Valve covers. A line
of VHR Jewelry. And from MAC Tools 4 limited collectable Die cast Hotrod cars designed by Von.

You can visit VHR’s website and take a look at all the goodies he has for sale.