You’ve Got a Teen Driver!


It happened!  All the sudden you have a teenager who is about to start driving. Yes, you are so proud of them for making it this far yet you are terrified as well. Choosing their first car doesn’t have to be a horrifying experience. You have to find the best way to give them a vehicle they will love and keep them safe.  Keeping them safe being the most important part but if they like it hopefully they will take care of it.  You will have plenty of options here at Anderson Ford no matter what budget you are looking to stay in.

For most parents their main goal is to find a safe/reliable vehicle for their first time driver. They want this car too last at least through high school and into college. Ford vehicles are a great place to start.  Ford has a wide variety of cars, trucks and SUV’s that hold their value well and are top safety rated!

When it comes to safety nothing but the best and safest for your teen driver.  It is suggested that you buy the most recent used car you can afford.  Vehicle safety has improved so much over the years so by buying as new as you can you are assured to have the best safety features. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety publishes a list of used cars recommended for teens.  Among the Fords listed were the Taurus, Fusion, Edge, Escape and Flex. They all have excellent safety features, great style and ride.  And parents… no high-horsepower Mustangs – not yet! Wait until they are responsible to handle it.

Congrats to your newly driving teen!  Anderson Ford wishes them the best of luck and just a little advice.  Keep your mind on what you are doing, no texting, no distracted driving.  Stay Safe!!